My Services

UI + UX Design

Experience with using various mock up, wireframing & prototyping tools to create an accurate representation of new/existing software applications & how users can engage most efficiently with them

Web App Development

Experience with backend technologies such as Django (Python-based) and Node (JS-based) as well as front-end (JS-based) frameworks such as React, Angular & Knockout. (RESTful API, SQL, MongoDB)

Video Editing

Experience with video editing and production with Adobe Suite & Apple's Final Cut Pro X

Mobile App Development

Experience designing & building crossplatform (Android + iOS) mobile applications using React Native and deploying using AWS Cloud servers or Google Firebase.

Troubleshooting & Optimization

Experience diagnosing software issues on electronic devices and then fixing or refering to appropriate parties

Data Analysis (Supervised + Unsupervised Learning)

Experience with regression/predictive analysis tools to build real-life models which could be trained to observe trends (supervised) or to rebuild a better efficient model of itself based on available data (unsupervised)