About Me



I'm a social entrepreneur & founder of HomeCookApp, a software platform that caters to local chefs and offers richer dining alternatives. I'm also a senior software developer at Avalon Bay Communities where I led redesign, rebuild and migration of the Internet Listing Service (ILS) Feed system. I graduated with an Electrical & Computer Engineering degree from Morgan State University and always enjoyed building both software and hardware products from a young age. During my college degree, I started looking into ways to tackle global socio-economic crisis people faced and joined several initiatives that focused on this. I never believed in limitations and had a passion for the sustenance of humanity through empowerment.

I moved to Boston, MA for my Masters in International Business degree because I wanted to understand the human / market / business side of products. I had a strong concentration in new production development, organizational management and corporate finance. After my Masters program, I went back into data, infrastructure and software where I led engineering transitions at several early to mid-stage startups. This helped build my expertise and experience to manage building and launching consumer-centric applications.

I have been involved with programs led by organizations such as; US Funds for UNICEF, World Bank - Infodev, Millenium Campus Network, Institute of Electronic & Electrical Engineers, EF Education, MassChallenge, MIT Delta V, Tech Stars Boston and Black Code Collective



Electrical and Computer Engineering



Business (International)

I had ran for campus and professional leadership positions and was appointed as the Maryland and Washington DC Zone coordinator for the National Society of Black Engineers. Serving a dual position in 2009, I was the youngest and the only sophomore on the Regional Executive board. I led the planning for the Zone summit at Howard University, Washington DC as well as helped with organizing the Fall Region Conference in Greensboro, NC as Publications chair for the Mid-Eastern region. I helped with campus-wide student government campaigns and ran during the 2010 student elections. I got elected as a Senator at Morgan State University and helped with providing better access to financial and material resources for students.

During EGG startup weekend at North Eastern University in 2012, I mentored and helped mentees raise early-stage capital for their project which used innovative techniques to provide clean drinking water for people in impoverished regions in the world with renewable energy. My team was also a runner-up for the 2012 Hult Prize (Global case challenge) competition where we came up with a technique to help ensure that food security remained sustainable. We focused on food production efficiency and this spanned into a social business – Hazia. Hazia re-engineered the traditional agricultural co-op model into a new, innovative model that would do more than just increase production capabilities for medium and small-scale farmers in Africa. It was also designed to create a micro-economy and was featured on an Huffington Post’s article related to Social Entrepreneurship.

I wanted to help improve the living standards of people who lived in developing nations via the use of technology. In 2013, I founded Rebruit, a Social Job Network that allows users create, find and share opportunities. I decided to move back to Nigeria to work on and launch this company using technology to help foster job creation, growth and access. My vision was for ensure anyone who wants a career to have a chance to get / grow a satisfying career. This helped me develop an expertise creating innovations for sustainable social impact and for specific socio-economic challenges. 

I believe economic growth can't be possible without the development of human capability and is really at the heart of a country's advancement. From statistics, over a billion people in the world will reach working age within the next decade but sadly, many won’t be able to enter the workforce. Nigeria for example, has a youth unemployment rate well above 50% and that has only been projected to increase each year. My projects tend to seek ways of addressing this deficience in maximizing of human potential globally and especially in Africa.

Hassan Badru